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Rome Contemporary Chapel competition

Rome Contemporary Chapel competition  14 August 2017
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For centuries the population undertook great efforts to materialize the worship to their gods. Some examples are offerings, rituals, monuments or buildings, depending on their culture. The construction of churches was very important for the development of architecture. Every project took the constructions systems and technology of that time to its limit, generating suggestive spaces which transcended religions. Rome, the crib of occidental civilization, witnessed multiple religious constructions along history.  The juxtaposed layers throughout history include the first temples of the Roman Empire such as the Pantheon, to current Christian churches like the St. Peter´s Basilica, among others. Each building expressed the ideology and technology of each period.

Rome Contemporary Chapel competition


Nowadays with the vertiginous lifestyle and ever changing cities, it is even more necessary to have a space where you can reflect and be calm. In a delicate European context, we propose to rethink spaces of worship as a place of introversion in the city with no association to any religion. A new place disconnected from the city and connected with the will of the people and the Rome of the 21st century. Located in the historic Via Giulia of Rome, one of the most important streets in Rome and of the world, the scope of intervention is an urban enclave which has been unresolved for decades as a result of demolitions carried out by Fascism. That is why in this competition we propose to solve the architecture of a chapel and the public space of the immediate urban environment.


10 APR '2017 - 12 JUN '2017
Special Registration (60,50€ taxes included)

13 JUN '2017 - 10 JUL '2017
Early Registration (90,75€ taxes included)

11 JUL '2017 - 31 JUL '2017
Regular Registration (121€ taxes included)

14 AUG '2017
Submission Deadline (23:59 London time)

16 AUG '2017
Publication of received projects (list)

11 SEP '2017
Winners Announcement

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