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4D is became a popular concept of present-day migrated from the theories of Albert Einstein to the advertisement, but only individuals can imagine how to think according to four-dimensional model.

The clock is inside us, our live begins and stop because of our usual biorhythms. The Sun rises and sets, and as early as Giordano Bruno said that the Earth rotates around the sun and not conversely.

We fix the moment of circulation – "stop the Sun" in our project what allows to switch time on distance.
In ordinary life people who have ever loosed the necessary moment of time could not catch it anymore.
You can arrive to Stream City at any time you need: you want to be on the sunset side - and you go there, to see sunrise - you're welcome. You hate the night - forget it. Hate the day – here you can legally live the life of a vampire, and you do not have to grow fangs for that, you will simply be able to live in the night sector of the city.

In Stream City: time equals distance.

It's made by nature: some people like to finish their day at 5 o'clock in the morning, the others - to wake up at 6:00 am. On Earth, such people rarely intersect, but here - they are close to each other. Some are finally able to afford a lifetime eating morning croissants, and the others - drink Bordeaux every evening, at sunset. The Bright Side of Stream City gather working people, among them not just office workers, but also farmers . "The Dark Side" was created not only for artists, spectators, but also for scientists, researchers, space, employees, numerous laboratories.

There is morning on the Earth – it is a dogma, which is unconditionally subordinates society and no one is able to resist to the rising Sun. We offer an alternative: the untouchables spaces of creative activity on "the dark side", while on "the bright side " we create a place for the regular work.





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The preliminary concept

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