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Technical details.


Stream City rotates relative to Earth with speed of little over than 1700 km/h, while the planet earth rotates around its axes in the opposite direction with the same speed. That means that in the system Earth-Sun we can imagine Stream City like a static frame within a circling Earth. In one year such system makes a round around the Sun herewith it always remains turned their "day side" up to the Sun.
Due to this fact, every part of the ring-city is positioned in their own part of the day, therefore we get a significant economics: industrial and transportation benefits. Gravitation forces in Stream City would be alike on earth, because the ring-city's speed will be less that the orbital velocity (eqw 28440 km/h), gravity is going to be only 6% less than on Earth. (1700/28440*100)
Such highness is reasonable because here is a notional boundary of the atmosphere transmits – it is tenuous and chafing will not make an intense influence on Stream City. Thus we'll also succeed to avoid inverse effect - appearance of unnatural airflows. The other reason for such location – maximum proximity to the earth's surface what will reduces charges of ascent / descent.

Building and construction.

Building of Stream City is in analogy with the construction of the guyed bridge: a pier is installing, from here ropes going down and on them roadbed is arranging.

In geostationary orbit (i.e., higher than 35 786 km above sea level) hangs satellite-load from which an ultrastrong cable-lift goes down till the surface of the Earth. With its help we can bring up building components and assemble them in the right way on the required level. 400 satellites encircle: 1 per every 100 km of Stream City, due to the centrifugal force a large mass will carry on the entire structure until it is completely assembled in a circle – in that way our system will work how entire mechanism by the compression – tension scheme





Video: Day-Evening-Night
Video: structure, transport
The preliminary concept

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