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Two-circles system.

In our project we suggest to build transport circle connected with satellite's bearing cables and elevators going up from the Earth. Transport circle is synchronized as with the Earth's surface as with the system Earth-Satellite and not revolve relative to Earth.
City-circle carries all the other functions and moves in a direction opposite to the rotation of the Earth at speed around 1700 km / h, i.e. it is synchronized with the Earth-Sun system.
City-circle is attached to the transport circle using electromagnets which also help to keep up a rotation speed (herewith no reaction engine's pollution).
During building process both circles stay motionless until installation is finished, and only after that and then city-circle spins up to the required speed.

Useful features.

"Day side" of Stream City is used to generate tremendous energy by solar panels and steam generators for growing plants. Whereas the sunlight at that high level is not deaden by the atmosphere, its power/capacity almost 30% higher than on Earth so plants in greenhouses grow faster, in addition there is a significant UV component, which people will use in laboratories where Stream City will set up special hybrids for that (for regular plants there's going to be an extra ultraviolet cutoff filter).
"Evening Side" will always offer a lot of space to live for growing earth population.
There are high-tech industries, permitting work without light, laboratories, creative clusters and astronomical observatories in the "Night Side".
Heating-cooling system of Stream City is designed with pipelines how's marked below: cold liquid from the "Night Side" will save the "Day Side" from overheating and hot water from "Day Side" heat the other one.





Video: Day-Evening-Night
Video: structure, transport
The preliminary concept

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