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Transport function.

Stream City serves as a universal air train – in 12 hours you can get on the opposite side of the Earth at the equator without any subsidiary charges – lift/descent fees.
There are 2 ways to go up from the Earth.

Elevator – public and goods transport: transportation capsule goes up from the Earth to the transport circle, then using installed electromagnets it moves to tunnel of Stream City and take a speed up to 1700 km/h. It also offer possibility to travel directly in Stream City – move between their time zones.
Shuttle – private transport, take off from the Earth; gains height about 100 km and speed 1700km/h; lands on the landing grounds specially designed in stream City


The design of Stream City imports the physical expansion of the city. In the central body - kernel there are residential areas, offices, greenhouses and transport links. External console is the territory of city's growth. Instead of solar panels or with them there may also be located private houses, farms, research and office campuses, as well as the shuttle landing grounds. This area is called - "Space Village", which is always easily accessible to residents of the "Space City"- kernel.





Video: Day-Evening-Night
Video: structure, transport
The preliminary concept

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