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Stream City is a city-ring around the Earth at an altitude of approximately 100 km. The ring revolves above the equator in the opposite direction to the Earth at a speed of over 1700 km/h to compensate for the Earth's speed of rotation around its own axis and so as to look spherical in relation to our planet. It maintains such a position that on one side it is always daytime and on the opposite side always night.
The part where it is daytime is equipped with energy systems like solar panels and glasshouses that power the entire city. The night-time side accommodates laboratories, high-tech industry and creativity campuses. It can be reached directly from Earth by lifts and shuttles in less than a day.

Time is the philosophical side of the project.
Simon Rastorguev's project sets out to divide the space-time model on which everyday life on Earth is based, breaking with the conventional scheme of a 24-hour cycle.
The way Stream City is divided into two "permanent time" sections alters the usual chain of biorhythms, replacing the spatial axis "x" with the temporal axis "t". In this 4D city not only can you stay in the same place but you can also stay in the "time" you prefer. You can decide whether you want to live in permanent daytime or permanent night-time.

As we have said, Stream City revolves around the Earth at just over 1700 km/h, while the Earth rotates around its own axis at the same speed but in the opposite direction. This means that within the Earth-Sun system we can envisage Stream City as a sort of permanent framework in which the Earth revolves. This system makes one entire revolution around the Sun each year and the "daytime side" of the city is constantly facing towards the Sun. In this way every part of the city-ring is located in the desired part of the day, which means notable benefits for the economy, industry and transport. Gravitational forces are the same as on Earth and because the ring's speed is less than orbital speed (eqw 28,440 km/h), gravity will be just 6%, lower than that on Earth (1700/28440*100).
The altitude at which the city is located corresponds to the edge of the atmosphere, whose thinness and temperature do not disturb life in Stream City. Its position also enables it to avoid the inversion effect and unnatural air flows. Lastly, its closeness to the surface of the Earth reduces any upward or downward flows.


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