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A building for culture and art can be conceived, to our opinion, following two strategies. One is a
case, modular, a neutral frame to fill with exhibitions, shows, concerts. Another way is to consider
the building as part of the artistic values that occur inside, giving to the edifice poetic, expressive,
communicative and evocative features. The case reflects the content.
We decided, after a harsh debate inside work team, for the second choice. Has prevailed the idea
that in the history of a city or during the times of changing and urban transformation, like Beirut is
going through, architecture, for its symbolic features, has a predominant role in the construction of
a new configuration.
A labyrinth drawn on a white stone carpet acts as the metaphor of a urban structure, of a city. A
city looking for a new identity, but hard to achieve due to its amount of directions. The ramps
created into the surface, were generated by deep scars which meaning mutates from being a
division sign to evolve into a strong communication element, the access to the building. Through a
discontinuity you reach another dimension, a mental dimension, place of the art.

1 место: Team leader
Alberto Catalano

Team members
Giulia Iurcotta
Barbarangelo Licheri
Daniel Piludu
Celestine Sanna
Mariangela Murgia
Emanuela Forcolini
Souraya Frem



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