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The project articulates the House of Arts & Culture into two distinct parts. The design of the
“piazza”, with its large hexagonal matrix, to be seen from overlooking positions, evokes a labyrinth,
a twine of directions. The background is made of white stone while three different darker shades
delineate the drawing. A thin oxidized cupper skin wraps all the vertical openings generated by
cuts and translations. Light penetrates the perforating metal sheet, acting also as sunscreen,
generating the proper environmental comfort. The natural light, for example, dominates the foyer
entering from the wide triangular windows between the ramps, reproducing the enchanting effect of
light typical of the Arabic-ottoman architectural tradition.
A Cartesian fabric wraps the vertical building. A sunscreen made of metal and vertical ceramic
pipes, slightly detached, confer to the facade a natural and vibrating aspect.
The public has access to the building at level + 4,00 m either from the piazza through the ramps, or
directly from the underground parking. The artists and staff entrance is placed in the rear west
side of the building, while the delivery area is in the rear east side at level 0,00 m.

1 место: Team leader
Alberto Catalano

Team members
Giulia Iurcotta
Barbarangelo Licheri
Daniel Piludu
Celestine Sanna
Mariangela Murgia
Emanuela Forcolini
Souraya Frem



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