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At the reception level we find the exhibition of which the triangle shape piazza, directly connected,
is the outdoor extension. In this outside space, ideal fragment of a bazaar and also used also for
parties, overlooks the bookshop introducing a commercial function. A ramp takes from the piazza
to the bar and its terrace.
The exhibition spaces are modular and dividable depending on requirements. Simplicity
characterizes this spaces in order for art to prevail.
A wide stairway from the reception takes to the cineteque,at level 0.00, the meeting rooms, the
foyer of the performance halls and movie theatre, at level -6.40. There is a further access to the
stalls at level -9.60. The space of the foyer has been conceived as a complex system of pathways,
accesses, flying bridges, triple heights.
Natural light dominates this articulated space, where the terrace of the bar opens into a pleasant
space for a break.

1 место: Team leader
Alberto Catalano

Team members
Giulia Iurcotta
Barbarangelo Licheri
Daniel Piludu
Celestine Sanna
Mariangela Murgia
Emanuela Forcolini
Souraya Frem



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