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3.3- Low consumption of energy
-Separation of systems according to areas in order to regulate energy needs separately.
-Closed South and West facade and very open East and North sides.
-Part of the soil from the excavation will be layered on the roofs. In this way, we strengthen the isolation of the building and simultaneously prevent the emission of CO2 that a truck would generate to transport it away from the site.
-Double and triple glazing in the northern facade will reduce the loss of heating in winter.
3.4- Bioclimatic systems
-The glass facade of the foyer will act as a chimney where the hot air from all the floors will escape
through the top perforations. In winter, when these openings are closed, the air will remain iside.
-The air will flow horizontally through The House through the numerous openings in the facade, allowing for a quick and complete ventilation of the building and a comfortable feeling. This will be given special attention in rooms where more heat is produced (dance and theatre workshops).
-The entire programme enjoys natural light through the facade or through patios.

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Team leader
Beatriz Ramo Lopez de Angulo.

Team members
Simone de Iacobis
Inigo Paniego de la Cuesta
Jean-Vianney Deleersnyder



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