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5- Come into The House.
5.1- Ladies and gentlemen! The Magic Box and the Active Plinth. The Box is magic because it can
host hundreds of different event configurations (Italian, kabuki, No theatre, techno party, mega banquet, exhibitions, conferences, lectures, dance evenings, poetry recitals, fashion shows, concerts, markets, fairs…). The big and the small performance halls, as well as the meeting rooms can be used independently from each other or their division wall can be opened to create a common event that runs in all three areas.
The Plinth is active because it hosts all the programmes on two levels, physically and visually connected, in this way allowing for the maximum interaction of the functions inside and the maximum urban relation with the outside. By concentrating the entire programme in two levels, we minimize the use of the elevator so the functions can be continued without interruptions.
5.2- Extending, annexing, adding, attaching, including…it is all possible. In order to avoid monofunctional spaces, the distribution of the programme is such that one programme may be extended into the next. For example: 1-the restaurant-cafe of The House is placed next to the lounge area of the exhibition space so both can be enlarged and work together for a big banquet that can be extended into the exhibition hall. 2-The exhibition space is connected with the reception hall so the surface area for exhibitions could be increased at a certain point by 50%. 3-The foyer of the performance halls can be opened entirely to the elevated Plaza during the warm months. The big and small performance hall, as well as the meeting rooms, are placed together so on some occasions they may host the same event (see diagrams, Panel 3) resulting in a spectacular configuration. In the warm months, this event could even be continued into the elevated Plaza. 4-The art workshops may continue in the patio at +6m, like an
outside exhibition.

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Team leader
Beatriz Ramo Lopez de Angulo.

Team members
Simone de Iacobis
Inigo Paniego de la Cuesta
Jean-Vianney Deleersnyder



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