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**About the Magic Box features…
The performance hall of The House in Beirut demands a large number of possible configurations each of different character and with different requirements. None of the existing theatre models can
accommodate such a range of events; therefore, we need to look for a new one. We call it The Magic Box. Just a few changes in the traditional box will be enough to make it flexible and much more useful:
A-Keep the fly tower height all over the room, to liberate the position of the stage: The big performance hall enjoys a free height of 20 metres. In this way, we do no longer distinguish between fly tower stage, and the stalls, as the three of them can be placed in different locations and have different sizes.
B-lift floor system all over the room, not just the stage. The big and small performance halls use two systems to accommodate the different configurations.
-Modular lift floor: (used in the big performance hall). The entire floor of the performance hall is divided into 2m wide stripes, parallel to the rows of seats that can be lowered or lifted depending on the event.
The system to elevate the stripes is composed of stainless steel columns that rotate using a motor. They
are stored below the level of the theatre. The transformation from the Italian configuration, with an
inclined floor and orchestra pit, to flat floor space, takes less than 15 minutes.
-Roll back chairs: (used in the small performance hall and under the balconies of the big hall)
The seats in the small performance hall can be stored in total or in part in the back of the room depending on the show. This system is also used under the balconies of the main hall - parallel to them to allow for catwalk shows, arena configuration, or kabuki theatre.
C-Provide the hall with the possibility of enlargement by placing the other rooms in a suitable position around it. The small performance hall and the meeting room are adjacent to the large performance hall and can open into it, thus taking part in the same event.

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Team leader
Beatriz Ramo Lopez de Angulo.

Team members
Simone de Iacobis
Inigo Paniego de la Cuesta
Jean-Vianney Deleersnyder



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