Around / IOEW architectures : Alain Friedrich, Radoslav Rusev + Laurent Bouman architects / FRANCE, Colmar

Around / IOEW architectures : Alain Friedrich, Radoslav Rusev + Laurent Bouman architects


The main concept of this project is to organize on the proper site of the stadium and ravines around an architectural and landscape proposal able to solve urban connection problems. A city park containing an agora is created on the museum’s roof.

At the heart of the historical city center is located the Spartacus stadium. Though in contradiction with its historical and touristic surrounding’s context, the stadium remains a main place of meeting, and a place where open-air events are hosted and using the old stands around it. Towards our site are converging both urban courses and perspectives, but the terrain’s topography still remains an obstacle today.

Around / IOEW architectures : Alain Friedrich, Radoslav Rusev + Laurent Bouman architects / 2

Our project must be able to ease those links and urban uses by conciliating the courses and keeping the existing social uses of this plot. 

Taking advantage on the down-going topography of the plot, our program slots in the landscape by linking the lowest and highest levels, creating landscape courses on the roof. From left to right, up to down, a looping path allows a link between architecture, program, landscape and site. In the heart of the project, an exterior agora is created enabling the preexisting social and urban uses of the site.

The program for the museum is developed underneath those courses. Partly slotted in the terrain the museum takes natural light through the structure of the agora. The courses inside the museum are evolving by following the fluctuation of the topography, echoing the logic of the landscape. This inside fluctuation is constantly animated by the course of the sun on the agora, bringing light inside the building as a light tube. The collections of local art, local craft, local history are showed and discovered on the buried part of the museum, earth referring to history, whereas the temporary and contemporary exhibitions are showed in the aerial part covering the entrance, air being considered a metaphor for the future.

The urban implantation of the program and its courses allows a synergy of urbanity and unity.

The project is inserted into the land mass. The park is creating the coverage of the object. The structure is made of concrete, carrying the landscaping (mineral and vegetal). The thermal inertia is sought. The external agora is suspended.

It allows an illumination of exhibition spaces. A structure of spiderweb made of armed concrete takes loads to release the volume in the arena to support the architectural meaning. The double skin of structure creates an air gap. This gap helps to temper the internal/ external thermal spheres, and at the same time it allows the promotion of the bright passage.

It is important that this project will generate internal and external dynamics of the city. The external dynamics reside in the cultural and touristic possibilities of the city. The historic richness of the city center of Yaroslavl converges with the architectural act of our project. Its strategic position at the heart of monuments, in the heart of the local culture and contemporary architecture, is opening the city towards cultural renewal.

The inner dynamic is generated by the inhabitants of the city. Conservation of an arena or agora in our project helps the project to become urban and social implement, dedicated to all users of the city. It allows the organization of events (concerts, theater, animations) and facilitates its appropriation by the city. The agora is par excellence, the architecture of the people. At the first place, our project is the one of the of people today and the way how to shape the future.

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  1. Calcaterra stéphan

    Bravo aux architectes de cette conception.
    Ce projet est rempli de bonnes idées.
    Des points de vues dynamique et fort, fidèle à une architecture maîtrisée.
    Cette entrée sur le musée en contrebat surplombé de ce monolithe imposant et monumentale, donne un sacré charisme à l’ensemble.
    Je vote pour la réalisation de ce projet et plutôt deux fois qu’une.

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