Art House of Yaroslavl

Art House of Yaroslavl / Khak studio / Iran, Tehran

Art House of Yaroslavl / Khak studio

As the site is located in a historic district of the city and in front of a church, saving a good view to that from different points of the site was necessary and no building had to block this view.

On the other hand two parallel boundary streets were different in heights and this was an important thing which affected the shape of building in the site and caused us to design the buildings with sloped surfaces.

Due to limitation of height and in order to make a good view we had to enter the ground but we used ramps and slop surfaces to minimize the downward movement.

Next idea was about the relation between two sides of the site; which we wanted this site to play a role as an open urban space and in addition to its functions it connects the different two sides of the site.

This site is located between main part of the city and entertainment district and this site connects these two parts. Therefore we had to consider some spaces for the entrance of pedestrians, so that they can enter the spaces and become absorbed by the buildings and enter them.

Art House of Yaroslavl / Khak studio / 2

In fact some spaces are dedicated to the city in order to absorb the people and attract them into the buildings. In this way we considered the green plants and urban sculptures.

A path was needed in the middle of the site to connect two different parts of the site and because we wanted to save the view from all the points to the church, this path was located by this church and even when we are going downward we can observe the church.

So a path was created and different functions such as museum, theater, art shops, cafes, restaurants, art classes and … can surround it. Also people can enter the path and draw some sketches on the walls…they can write something or make drawings. This path is lidded.

When we enter the museum space from one of the edges of buildings, we reach a lobby that is in front of a lidded yard. We go downward on a smooth ramp and we can enter the different galleries around it. This ramp is shaped like a Mobius that is moving around two yards and after reaching the lowest level we can enter the yards.

The daylight reaches the spaces from the roofs and lidded yards convey the light to the corridors and gathering spaces and after visiting the galleries we can reach the main lobby from a ramp and exit.

In fact we have a ramp that people can walk on it and cross over it and under it we have some functions. This ramp has some breaks that are created by the yards and valley and because it is lidded by the glass, it produces the Greenhouse effect to fulfill the needed heat for the building.

On the other hand in the summer some parts of these glasses can be opened and make the air circulation.

Art and art space are some spaces from the city which improves the transportation of the city and through the exhibition of art to the city they absorb the people to use and enjoy from the spaces, where city and art meet.

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