Forum Museum

Forum Museum / ABVM : BOUËT Adrien, MONIER Vincent / FRANCE / Paris

A public place above a museum, the whole articulated around a circular central patio of entrance.

Forum Museum / ABVM

About the site

The old ravine takes part of a former embankment linked to a military defense system. Besides the constant evolution of the growing city, the old ravine has progressivrly lost his urban function. The ra- vine is no longer integrated to the old embankement. The walkway comes from the south est and go further the south west without passing around the ravine. Despite the fact that the ravine has kept a leisure and creative function, it is no longer part of an urban space. It does not present a real architectural value despite its high potential due to the heritage surrounding the site.

Forum Museum / ABVM / 2

About the stakes of the project

How to give back urban qualities to the ravine and its surrounding? How to generate a dynamique while preserving the heritage?


About the program

Within the context of a cultural policy promoting easy acces to history and art, the idea is to give a place able to recieve the permanent collection about local traditions and the history of the city. In the same time the museum would be able to expose temporary colections at the ocasion of festivals, fair or special exhibition.

About our proposition

We want to promote and enhance interaction between the architectural heritage and the social activi- ties of the inhabitants and visitors of the city. Our idea is to impulse a relation mescling curiosity and welfare between people likely to pass by the site, for a moment or just an instant.

The old topography becomes an advantage to introduce a museum while preseving the public space. We propose to conserve the positive point of place for children with funny topography and large spaces to run.

old topography becomes an advantage to introduce a museum


A slab installed under the ravine create an urban place, kind of square able to receive events of the public life such as personnal activities of citizens or tourists. As a catalyser of social activites, the museum transform the place into one open and welcoming space. The museum works as a forum hosting people on its roof directly connected with the road level and the public space.

Forum Museum / Adrien Bouët & Vincent Monier

We use the site as a recipient for a for rich ingredients such as art, culture, tradition, sport and relaxation.

The agrupation of those elements make a masive piece of positive sensations in interaction with the surroundings.

The influence of the neighbourhood depends on the proximity, differences of levels and architectural form of the monument.

That impacts the organisation of the museum and its public place associated on the roof creating special relations with the apparition of vacuums.

The vacuums define points of view and large areas designed to let the light in. That also highlight spatial relation between diferents points of the periphery of the place constituted.

Dealing with the network of footpaths, we implant the entrance of the museum at the crossing point.

The ultimate fase consist in organising around the entrance of the museum, main attraction of the site, all the other activites possible. A variation of the topography comes to diversify the spaces available. Forum Museum / Adrien Bouët & Vincent Monier / 5

With the above repartition of the program, we organise the museum along the axis obtained previously.

The entrance situated at the intersection of the axes constitute the central point for the museum.

A circular patio takes a central position around which we articulate the different elements of program.

First, the exhibitions are situated on both sides of the reception hall, creating a contiuum through the museum.

Then, the technical rooms are installed on the north side.

Finally, administration and shops are also articulated around the recep- tion hall. The administration has a special entrance by the north and benefit from the light and discret view on the street.

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