Yaroslavl steps

Yaroslavl steps / Nontawat Jittrong, Rapat Jittrong / Thailand, Bangkok

Yaroslavl steps / Nontawat Jittrong, Rapat Jittrong

Reflection, re-framing and re-figure to recreate space — Overall concept; There are The Yaroslavl Spartacus’s Alive Project is located in one of UNESCO’s heritage site, surrounded by prominent historic buildings like church of the Saviour and Church of St Nicholas-at-Rubleny Gorod. The Spartacus project of museum and exhibition building will be integrated to the historic archeology. The key is to respect and reflect all of the prominent images to the project while incorporating with contemporary social life and function with constraint of the site. The conceptual design creates the use of the upper roof instead of excavating too deeply. The façade design concept of this project uses figure & ground, the absence of mass & space and the sense of place to be the main theme.

Yaroslavl steps / Nontawat Jittrong, Rapat Jittrong / 2

Prominent Reflected — The Roof; regarding the constraint of site, the height limit is not over 2 meters from the ravine. So the roof will be the reflecting pond mix with the multipurpose roof deck landscape area. This will create the reflect image of the historic buildings to the people around the project area. Apart from that, there will be nothing interfering the view of old town from the high point of this area. Moreover, it shows the respect to the great and historic building of Yaroslavl. The pond shapes refer to the outline figure of the dome combined to the board walk landscape of the roof slab. Visitors or neighbors are welcome to enjoy this view since this roof level is like a plaza that connect to the existing roads and the park on the east side. Moreover it would be a new dramatically romantic sunset view to watch the Church of Saviour and Church of St.Nicholas reflecting from the pond with the last glimmering light of the day. 

Yaroslavl Step – The Piazza and Entrance: The West side of the project is faced with the historic buildings. It is on the approach from the slope of 2 roads. So it will be the main entrance and set back from the opposite historic buildings far enough to create a piazza. Although some indoor area will be lost, it would compensate with the multipurpose outdoor area and nice plaza between the historic towns to the new building, and it will be value added to the outdoor event space as well. This main Entrance created by the ground figure of the dome. Shaping it and leaving the absence of figure will show the welcome void entrance with feeling of the Russia monument and Yaroslavl place. Pushing it back to the east side will then create slope and step. The transition space between public and the project is established by the see through step covering the foyer and hall of interior space.

The “Yaroslavl steps” will then emerge in front of the project where people can sit and enjoy the piazza together with the historic Yaroslavl’s buildings scene around the created piazza or establish a stage forum of the town. Moreover, the “Yaroslavl step” should bring sophisticated atmosphere to the town by the curve and overflow water from the roof’s reflective pond representing the approach to the town by the water as well. The “Yaroslavl step” is welcoming visitors and neighbors to enjoy the outdoor life on nice weather days hanging out on step or relaxing on the plaza. Some areas can be informal Amphitheatre. Visitors can walk up to the rooftop to pick nick on the deck next to the shallow pond, or even have some x-treme sports on the slope of inverse curve shape that push and open void to bring the interactive view with interior.

Relation to the archeology site — The Foyer and function hall space; regarding to the constraint of the site, height limited not above 2 meters from the ravine This project have to excavate the ground to gain more interior dimension from floor to ceiling. So the project will leave the north side of the walls to be corridor

that exposed to the soil or rammed earth that is excavated for the meaning of the past and show the history layer of the pile level. This will call “Archeology galleries” or “Archeology tunnel” and be the permanent exhibition like archeology museum of Yaroslavl. The arch space will support atmosphere of the museum and unearth wall.

Welcoming multiple events — The exhibition space; there will be main exhibition hall that can be divided into 2 halls with the pre- function halls on west and south side. It will work in many configurations welcoming multiple events by the column free floor. The exhibition floor will be step down about 1 metre than existing to create more height for exhibitions. The height of exhibition from floor to ceilings is 7 meters. The roof/ceiling will be waffle concrete structure. The ceiling creates spatiality which some of them are cover and open able to see skylight through the pond in some events. The glazing grid roofs under the shallow pond introduce the dramatic natural day lighting through the water into the interior space. It would help the interior space dimension from floor to ceiling in case that the excavation cannot go deeper than the existing level of the project if there is archeology when unearthing. Some parts of the wall will be arch or curve to cover the service space and the slope curve wall appears in exhibition space can be cover with convertible wall or can be converted to a seat or stadium like. It will be flexible for many events.

Function & Circulation:

One of the important things of the exhibition is back of house. The loading area, storage and staff offices need to be considered in term of both location and traffic. The service entrance is set on the north east side road. It will slope down from the road level to the service entrance and exit of service truck to the west avoid the cross traffic, while above is the connected plaza like bridge from the east park to the roof plaza. Since the project will open cut the stadium and soil on the side, it exposes and displays the layer of soil level to show relationship to the

archeology site. The service corridor (restroom, office, storage) will be in between the archeology galleries and exhibition space. It can service both side of permanent (archeology galleries) and temporary (main exhibition space).

The conceptual of the architecture creates relationship following many aspects, from historic site to contemporary building, from permanent exhibition to temporary exhibitions, from exterior view to interior see through, from the roof deck to the splendid step of piazza. This will make Spartacus alive and embrace the upcoming modern activities and good new things to Yaroslavl. And finally the project is more than a building of museum and exhibition inside but to be more in exterior establishing socialize space interactively with communities and of course international. It will facilitate everyone to enjoy and celebrate the Russia Yaroslavl.

Short description: 

  •   Establish the reflective pond on roof top to reflect the beautiful Yaroslavl
  •   Set back enough for plaza and step to the roof top
  •   Make sense of place atmosphere inside and welcoming daylight for indoor events.
  •   Create space between inside and outside and welcoming activities on it

Technical features of the object: 

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