Holcim Awards 2014 — Северная Америка

Премия в области устойчивого строительства призвана продемонстрировать эффективность использования ресурсов и инноваций.
Победившие проекты Holcim Awards 2014 в Северной Америке идейно расположены на переднем крае эффективности и инноваций в области устойчивого строительства.

Holcim Awards
Главный приз достался проекту по улучшению водоснабжения и смягчения последствий наводнений в Лас-Вегасе. Градостроительная концепция защиты нижней части Манхэттена от наводнения получила серебряную награду, и структуру нулевого углеродного компостирования, недавно представленная на выставке в МоМА Нью-Йорке, получила бронзу. В общей сложности 13 проектов со всей Канады и США от ведущих специалистов-практиков, а также от молодых специалистов и студентов были выбраны на церемонии Holcim Awards 2014 в Северной Америке с общим призовым фондом 330 000 долларов США.

Holcim Awards 2014 USA

Sustainable construction awards showcase resource efficiency and innovation

Winning projects of the Holcim Awards 2014 North America at the cutting edge of efficiency and innovation in sustainable construction.

The top prize went to a water supply and flood mitigation project in Las Vegas (image left). An urban flood-protection concept for lower Manhattan was conferred the silver Award (center), and a zero-carbon compostable structure recently on display at MoMA New York received bronze (right). A total of 13 projects from across Canada and the United States by leading practitioners, as well as young professionals and students, were recognized at the Holcim Awards ceremony 2014 for North America with total prize money of USD 330,000.

Poreform, a water absorptive surface and subterranean basin that captures rain runoff and adds over 75,000 megaliters (20 billion gallons) to the water supply capacity of Las Vegas won the top prize. Designers Amy Mielke and Caitlin Taylor of Water Pore Partnership (New York/Woodbridge, CT) reposition water infrastructure as a civic project. Capable of rapid saturation and slow release, the flood-control pores of this “urban skin” are inlets to a new infrastructure that reframes water as a valuable resource rather than a liability.

The Rebuilding by Design project that addresses New York City’s vulnerability to coastal flooding by using a raised berm and sequence of public spaces along the water’s edge won the Holcim Awards Silver. The 13km (8 mi) long infrastructural barrier to mitigate the impact of future storms with the devastating force of Hurricane Sandy was designed by a consortium led by architects Bjarke Ingels and Kai-Uwe Bergmann of BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group (Denmark/New York).

A cluster of circular towers formed using reflective bricks, designed for and commissioned by the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program for construction in New York City received the Holcim Awards Bronze. The structure by David Benjamin of The Living architecture lab (New York) uses recent advances in biotechnology combined with cutting-edge computation and engineering to create new building materials that are almost fully organically-grown and compostable.

Acknowledgement prizes were conferred for projects in Toronto, Seattle, Boston and Los Angeles, and an unprecedented six “Next Generation” prizes for young professionals and students were presented in recognition of the outstanding quality of submissions from across North America.

The ceremony in Toronto for the competition region North America – hosted at Evergreen Brick Works, a Holcim Awards prize-winning project in 2008 – followed the first presentation of winners in Moscow (for Europe). Further events will be held in Medellín (for Latin America), Beirut (for Africa Middle East) and Jakarta (for Asia Pacific). The projects that receive Holcim Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze in each region automatically qualify for the Global Holcim Awards 2015.

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