Holcim Awards — Колумбия, Коста-Рика и Мексика

Сосредоточение на людях и месте: Лучшие проекты в области устойчивого строительства награждены в Колумбии, Коста-Рике и Мексике.
12 проектов-победителей, получивших премию Holcim Awards 2014 в Латинской Америке, сосредоточены главным образом на приспособляемости и социальной деятельности, и отображении того, как устойчивое строительство развивается с помощью междисциплинарных решений проблем, стоящих перед проектировщиками и строителями.


Общественный парк с серией водоемов в Колумбии (слева), центр снижения уровня загрязнений при обработке древесины в тропических лесах в Коста-Рике (в центре), и школа в Мексике с педагогическим уклоном (справа) были награждены, соответственно, золотой, серебряной и бронзовой премией. В Латинской Америке, Holcim Awards отметили 12 проектов в общей сложности. Призовой фонд премии 330 000 USD.

Holcim Awards

Focus on people and place: Top sustainable construction Awards to Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico

The 12 winning projects of the Holcim Awards 2014 for Latin America focus mainly on adaptability and social performance, and show how sustainable construction is developing multi-disciplinary responses to the challenges facing design and building.

A public park above a series of reservoirs in Colombia, a low-impact timber rainforest center in Costa Rica, and a pedagogically-aligned school in Mexico were awarded gold, silver and bronze. In Latin America, the Holcim Awards recognized 12 projects with a total of USD 330,000 prize money. 

Articulated Site, a landscape and urban design project for a public park in Medellín, that merges social imperatives with technical requirements won the top prize. Architects Mario Camargo and Luis Tombé from Colectivo 720 in Colombia designed a park that encompasses landscape and urban design, as well as architecture and urban planning. The public space and pre-existing elements are transformed to create an outdoor auditorium and venues for a range of community activities.

Arboreal Platform: the headquarters of Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Cordillera Volcánica Central in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, Costa Rica, received the silver award.Román Cordero from PLUG architecture in Mexico designed an elevated wooden structure that is sensitive to its context and uses low-cost passive and active systems to minimize its environmental footprint. The wooden structure is covered by a roof constructed with panels made of recycled aluminium milk packages.

Children’s House: a school building in San Andrés Payuca in Mexico founded on an alternative educational model that integrates agriculture, farming and building construction into the curriculum received the bronze award. The self-built school design led by architects Julio Amezuca and Francisco Pardo of AT103 in Mexico proposes the use of cement-reinforced compacted earth blocks with tapered corners that permit assembly in a series of curves based on organic principles.

Five Acknowledgement prizes were conferred for outstanding public infrastructure projects in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Haiti and Mexico, and four “Next Generation” prizes for inspiring visions of tomorrow were presented to projects by young professionals and students in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico.

The Holcim Awards ceremony in Medellín for the competition region Latin America was the third in a series of five events following Moscow for Europe and Toronto for North America. Further events will be held in Beirut for Africa Middle East and Jakarta for Asia Pacific. The projects that receive Holcim Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze in each region automatically qualify for the Global Holcim Awards 2015.

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