Sky Forest and Bee Farm — Manhattan, New York

This competition challenges participants to design a Sky Forest & Bee Farm Hotel Skyscraper as a concept that must take advantage of any great views around it and minimise any bad view this area of Chelsea district in Manhattan, New York Metropolitan Area.

The design is expected to be visually and aesthetically engaging in contributing positively to the area with emphasis on provision of great hotel and leisure facility. It should maximise the positive contribution of such a vertical structure close to the Hudson River whist minimising the negative impact.

The aim of the competition is to explore and investigate the possibility of a high quality Sky Forest & Bee Farm Hotel Skyscraper within a development concept that sets a new high standard in contemporary high-rise or tall building design in a key part of Manhattan in New York as well as a statement of our the need to reintroduce more of nature in urban areas.

Этот конкурс ставит перед участниками задачу разработать Небоскрёб-отель Небесный Лес и Пчелиная ферма как концепцию, которая должна использовать любые прекрасные виды вокруг него и свести к минимуму любые плохое вмешательство в район Челси в Манхэттене, Нью-Йорк.  Читать далее Sky Forest and Bee Farm — Manhattan, New York