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Purpose:   Installation/Shelter in the midst of the trees in Yaroslavl

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Инсталляция / Укрытие среди деревьев в Ярославле.

Основной идеей проекта стало дерево, как березы в стихотворении Есенина: «На пушистых ветках, снежною каймой… « в самом центре Ярославля, постоянные свидетели развития империй и истории.

Concept of the project:  The genesis of the proposal is the ‘tree’, as in the Birch tree in Esenin’s poetry: ‘on the fluffy branches, snowy-trim with silver-tinge’ in the heart of Yaroslavl, a constant witness of empires and history.

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Technical description:

The proposal is an installation attempting to branch out from an idea of a continuous differentiates space with no clear boundary into the envelope of the surrounding conservation area, like trees which has always stood by witnessing the growth of the city throughout history. A new structure is proposed within these lined rows of trees. The structural system adopted is similar to that of a tree-branch system.



The propagation of the branching system along the longitudinal section of the park is differentiated in its growth along the transversal section.

This differentation potentially reorganises the park with other possible programmes, ie food/cafe. The plywood- clad roof is punctured with a series of opening corresponding to the intersection of the branches allowing light penetration in correspondence with any potential programme.

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A Master of Architecture student at Queen’s University Belfast, UK. During the last several years, I have combined my artistic background and scientific thought into an intriguing career path, which I plan on pursuing at a critical and progressive architecture firm. Online portfolio:

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