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«Сохранение и развитие» / Ярославская архитектурная биеннале

Официальный конкурс Ярославской международной архитектурной биеннале / Official competition of the Yaroslavl International Architecture Biennale

Spartacus alive / «Живой Спартак»

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Functional program
The administration of the region and museum community want to understand what variants of the architectural design of the space is possible and what possibilities of functional zoning can be offered by architects.
The author of the project can offer specific functional program. As information: we can report that in Yaroslavl has several action groups, communities that offer their ideas of the functional content of the future project to a city administration. For example, there is an idea to create a museum of modern art. In a competitive project, it is important to bear in mind that the main function of the object will be the exposition, demonstration, and to provide for the possibility of transforming the interior of a wide variety of exhibitions, festivals and so on.
We also propose to discuss the results of the competition with the UNESCO and ICOMOS representatives on the Yaroslavl Architecture Biennale.
Existing stadium and Ravine
The stadium will be demolished because in this form it can no longer exist.
The author can deepen the existing level of the ravine, and use the space in the slopes of the ravine after conducting archaeological work in the appropriate historical layer.
Restrictions apply only to the height above the upper level of the stadium and the existing borders. The total area is not limited. Author can use whole plot for the object.
The critical rule for the competition site is: «the maximum height above the existing ground level, the upper edge of the ravine — 2 m».
We have the document about the UNESCO zone, but it is only in Russian.
The program focuses on local lore and history of the city. A significant portion of the area of the proposed building (80% and more) will be a new exhibition space of the museum of local lore and a museum of history of the city. Until now, these museums are situated in a Holy Transfiguration Monastery.
We have info about the current museums only in Russian (auto-translation in English) some info in English is here.
Representatives of the museum community of Yaroslavl will base on the proposed options of your interior space, and make the decision to place the exposure based on the results of the competition. The directors of the museums will participate in the work of the jury. As information: we can report that in Yaroslavl museums do not have a particularly large size exhibits. In most cases, it will be natural materials of local history, items of historical life, historical weapons, war trophies, historical documents and objects of art. Also authors may offer the option of a contemporary art museum.

The types of the surrounding buildings are: houses, offices, Yaroslavl State Medical Academy, Garrison military hospital.
Now the activity of the existing stadium is: leisure, tennis, running, footbal e.t.c. Surrounding territory is more historical and touristic, it is the central part of the old city.
May be, it will be easier understand the functions of the territory using a special map (partially translated into English)

Additional materials
We asking the participants of the competition to make architectural solution. Technical decisions can be in additional materials of your project. It is not obligatory.
We need 2 boards 1×1 m for the exhibition. You can submit more materials in another formats in addition to this boards.
The languages of the competition is English and Russian. You can use English in your project and all other documents (registration form, etc.)
Our competition is not anonymous, you can place the name of the company and the name of the project on the boards.
We don't require copies of the official documents. All required info is described in the registration form.
Maximum size for the files in one e-mail message is 15 Mb, or you can use file sharing for a larger files.
The names of files that you submit for the competition, for example:


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