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Yaroslavl Biennale

Центр Исследования Хаоса
Международный архитектурный конкурс
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Yaroslavl Architecture Biennale / "Conservation and Development"

Yaroslavl, Russia

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The organizing committee is planning an invitation to the Biennale of about 16 lecturers — guests (all costs of the guests will be reimbursed). This quantity depends of preliminary budget: including full payment of travel expenses, hotel accommodation, support, translator, tour guide.
Curator will review all applications for participation and determine the specific program, and, accordingly, decide on the personal invitations by the organizers. Also, we are waiting for participants who want to make presentations, projects, educational workshops, lectures for young architects, etc.

nmaxu@ya.ru — e-mail of the organizers / е-мэил организаторов


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еждународный архитектурный конкурс


ПТАХИ — технический организатор / technical organizer of the competition


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