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  Коттеджный посёлок     / Green Oasis

  Green oasis : The Shell & Elementary cottages

The object is designed for the deserted and not populated districts of the Earth, which now are not used and is located in lifeless district. The projected structure consists of an Shell covered with innovation adsorbing combs. The Shell is necessary for protection of a cottage settlement against influences of the aggressive atmospheric phenomena. Except for an Shell the Elementary cottages appear in the project which fasten to an Shell, basically, in its internal space, but probably seasonal attachment outside of an Shell. The Elementary cottages have a metal design with an opportunity of the given deformation and a covering of different types which are carrying out vitally necessary functions:

1. Covering processing a solar energy in electrical
2. Covering heat-sink thermal (infra-red) energy
3. Covering filtering water
4. Covering utilizes organic waste
5. Covering with chlorophyll elements, generating oxygen and water

  WA Awards

project Green Oasis — the winner of WA awards

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project name: Green Oasis
function: Multiple housing / Residential buildings – village of the future
chief architect/office name: Simon Rastorguev
project team: Co-author: Alexey Magay
client: project for the competition 1st Advanced Architecture Contest
design date: 2005-2007
area: one cottage: 96 sq m, area of the “shell”: 44 ha
references: Self-Sufficient Housing: 1st Advanced Architecture Contest, IAAC, Actar
Catalog "5 facades of private architecture" #3, 2007

  In whole all system the Shell - trunk, and Elementary cottages - leaves is possible to compare to a tree, where. This comparison not the forms but functions. Inside a Shell any atmospheric phenomena - rain, snow, wind and light effects - morning, day, evening, night can be created. They do not coincide that occurs outside of an Shell, and are created at the request of the inhabitants. Elementary cottages - as apartments, which can be moved to transfer on any floor, to take outside or to hold inside an Shell. The Elementary cottage is designed for residing of one family. The form of an Elementary cottage can be deformed for an attachment to different sites of an Shell. Besides each Elementary cottage has coupling unit for an attachment to other cottage or to an Shell.


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cottage of the future
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