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ARCH Moscowis the major event in the world of Russian architecture.ARCH Moscowwas an official part of theSecond Moscow Architecture Biennale in 2010. In 2011 year the upcoming 16th International exhibition of architecture and designARCH Moscowwill give an opportunity to young architects in the specialprogramme NEXT!

As announced at thefirst NEXT programme in 2009, every other yearARCH MOSCOWis devoted to young architects and designers. In the two years between exhibitions, new names have come up, others have lost their freshness and have disappeared, and some of the 2009 participants have already become established architects. Anyway, it is clear that theNEXTis all about names: about the architects personality as a brand, and about architecture as a reflection of the authors personal development and identity. In the exhibitionNew Names, 24 young architects will present themselves to the public and compete for Russias most prestigious prize for young architects: theAvantgarde Award. The newest names are those of the best architecture school graduates from the last two years, who will show their diploma projects. The foreign contributions will also focus on new names: seven young architects from seven countries will be invited to show their work in the context of their personal development: study and diploma projects, designs for competitions and first realizations. Architecture schools, being the cradles where new talents are nursed, are being invited to present the work of their students, stimulating a discussion on architectural education. Finally old names, so important as a reference point for aspiring architects, are represented byVladimir Plotkin having been electedarchitect of the year in 2010, he has been invited to make a large personal exhibition.

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