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Vimania ARchitecture competition

Vimania ARchitecture competition   December, 30 2017
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Augmented reality

Augmented reality provides us with new research field of architecture. Now you do not need architectural models. We can see the building as it is with all the details. At the same time, it remains virtual model.

These properties are augmented reality give us new opportunities. For example, we can compare the buildings from different regions of the world, from different eras in the same scale. We can make collections of buildings, unimaginable compositions.

These new aspects give the researcher of the architecture an unexpected tools and fundamentally unattainable points of perception. Perhaps we will be able to explore the flow of time in the evolutionary series of buildings from different eras. Traditional classical compositions of cities are broken, being subjected to the inexorable impact of a new instrument of perception. Augmented reality and virtual reality give us the opportunity to create a new philosophy of historical development of architecture. Explore it in every detail.

In this competition, we invite participants to submit 3d models of buildings from your country and your region.

We’ll create augmented reality applications based on the best models.

Participants can create 3D models in 2 categories:

    3d model of a modern building with unique details inherent in your region.
    3d model of a historic building or monument which is not far from you.

Building models should contain photorealistic textures and at the same time be geometrically optimized, do not contain interior details and various elements that are not visible from the outside. Optimum format of models: 3ds. Also files in format Sketchup 2015 are accepted.

The prize fund is € 12,500.

Vimania ARchitecture competition

Conditions of the competition

The main prize will be awarded for best and most realistic 3d building model, optimized for augmented reality technology.

Additional prizes can be awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

    most original building, incorporating historic elements
    most realistic model of the monument of architecture
    project of the historical monument (3d model), reflecting the unique historical features or events in your area.

The prize Fund will be divided between categories in the proportions: 85% — 1st prize, 15% for additional prizes. This ratio can be changed on the initiative of the sponsors and partners of the competition.

In addition, the 20 participants of the competition will be included in the shortlist. All shortlisted projects will be used to create augmented reality applications and will also be offered to the competition partners for publications and exhibitions. The winner project and the winners of the additional categories will take pride of place at our exhibitions and presentations.

Selection of the winner will occur in January 2018, the Jury will consist of representatives of the company — the main sponsor and partners of the contest.

Before the jury meeting, a public vote will take place, in which everyone will be able to take part. The winner of the public vote will be awarded a special diploma, and in addition it will be recommended to the jury and receive additional chances to win the contest.

All participants will receive certificates of participation.

    Competition deadline — December 30, 2017
    Pre-selection and publishing selected projects on the website — until February 15, 2018
    Public voting — until February 28, 2018
    Jury session — until March 20, 2018.
    Announcement of the winner — April 2018.

competition details:

Contestants can follow the criteria below on their choice when designing and creating a 3d model:

  • a new building reflecting the unique historical features or events of your region
  • a new building organically incorporating historical elements and forms
  • most realistic model of the existing monument of architecture

Deadline for submitting projects: December, 30 (Until midnight)

Participation in the competition is free of charge

Preliminary registration on the site is required


Total prize fund: 12,500 Euro

  • 1st place: 85% (by decision of the partners and the jury of the competition it is possible to increase the share),
  • additional prizes for the best projects in each of the 3 categories (15% of the fund)
  • 20 shortlisted projects: creation of mobile application, diplomas for participants, exhibition, publication on the competition website, projects will be offered to information partners of the competition for publication
  • all authors: certificate of the participation
  • additional special prizes are also possible

selection of winners:

  • the shortlist and the winner of the competition will be determined by the jury (jury will be composed of representatives of the organizer and partners of the competition)
  • an open online voting among all interested parties will also take place. Winner of online voting will be included in the list of the best projects and will receive additional chances to win the competition

following persons can take part in the competition:

  • Architects, designers, civil engineers, landscape architects / designers, structural engineers / designers, urban planners, urbanists, students
  • a groups, no more than from 7 participants

The number of projects per 1 participant is unlimited.

 project content:

3d model in .3ds or .skp format (Sketchup 2015) + explanatory note A4 + full registration form (→ download).

File requirements:

  •  3d models should contain photorealistic textures and at the same time be geometrically optimized, do not contain interior items and various elements that are not visible from the outside and increase the file size;
  • PDF or DOC — for materials containing text
  • + any additional materials at the discretion of the author

We accept projects at info@vimania.ru (you can upload large files to the file sharing service and send a link)

competition website


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