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Revolution of the Social Housing in Yaroslavl

Revolution of the Social Housing in Yaroslavl / May, 1—9, 2012 see also: Workshop / Воркшоп
Rules / Правила конкурса
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Competition Details:

Deadline: april, 29, 2012. See: Competition rules

Theme: project of the private social house with new typology.


In order to create a good project, you should:
• Analyze the situation of prospective construction and choose the most appropriate option of building's location. Two basic options are provided below, but you can create and justify your own option of location. In this context we would like to offer you classical scenario — «home nearby water». Special feature of this competition is that you can change form and structure of the building but the budget could not be increased. In addition, you should avoid deconstruction of existing buildings.
• Submit the design and form of your house. You should try to find the most appropriate balance between visual, functional and economical components of the project.
Here you should keep in mind first and foremost front plain view to your house — view from water. The main slogan of such approach is that: social housing ≠ unsightly external appearance. One of the main targets of this competition is to create social house like an art object.
• Apply innovative approach to constructional design. in this context you should come up with the option of self-sufficient development of the house. Here could be considered the issue: «house — like a machine for dwelling» or the issue: «house — like opened modul system».

Our main criteria that are to be applied upon selection of winner project would be first of all: visual, functional, economical and innovative components as well as reasonable proportion between them.

Please find below land area general plan with two possible variants of new construction's arrangements:

land area general plan with two possible variants of new construction's arrangements

1st variant — the house is to be attached to an existent bathhouse with gable facade looking to the water.
Although in this variant  the matter of heating is decided partly automatically, useful passage between bathhouse and a house should be considered additionaly.
Furthermore in this case the following requirements should be taken into account:
the wide of the house is limited to 4-4,5 m.
the house is situated nearby property line
the windows are to be placed on the gable facade walls of the house,
the main view — to the water.

1st variant axonometry

1st variant: view from water

2nd variant —
The house is partly located over pond (on piles). In such a case the house is to be located without restraint, the wide of the house could be extended by means of partly arrangement the home over the water. Here the matter of heating should be decided.
In this variant the windows could be arranged in multiple ways, on any wall at your discretion.
The house could be partly in tangent to mysterious megastorehouse under code name Library (extensive grey building), that are to be described in details additionally.

2nd variant: axonometry

2nd variant: view from water

See the rules of the competition for more details.

special prize: ПТАХИ


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