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Competition: Aurora Borealis Arctic Observatory

Competition: Aurora Borealis Arctic Observatory  / May 31st 2012 See also: по-русски next >

New architecture competition for students that we've just launched under the name of "Aurora Borealis Arctic Observatory"

At ArchMedium we would like to propose a project that will help us rediscover our primitive instincts. We want to create a bond again with Mother Nature. We want to reestablish the ancient connection between Man and the glories of His planet. This is an experience that too frequently eludes us in our contemporary, urban lifestyles.
What we want to create is a Northern Lights observatory located in one of the most extreme latitudes inhabited by Man, surrounded by lush, endless forests and nature in its purest form. A place where one can retreat for a few days to completely disconnect from the daily routine and plunge headfirst into a world of observation, relaxation, and learning.


The Jury will be formed by:
• President of the jury: Josep Llinás
• Architect: Pere Joan Ravetllat
• Architect: Mara Partida
• Architect: Celia Marín
• Invited Architect from Helsinki: Philip Tidwell


• 5000 Euros in Chash
• Publication of the project in the TC Cuadernos magazine and WA+wettbewerbeaktuell.
• 1 year subscription to the ON Diseño magazine.
• Exhibition at the Architecture University of Barcelona (ETSAB) and the Aalto University of Helsinki.


January 15th 2012
Registration period begins
May 31st 2012
Submision deadline

You will be able to find more information including the complete rules of the contest, pictures of the site, etc. by following the link below: en.archmedium.com/Concursos/OBA/Downloads.php

Aurora Borealis Arctic Observatory

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