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Buenos Aires High Performance

Buenos Aires High Performance / September, 30, 2012
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The goal of this competition is to develop the main building of the High Performance Soccer Training Center (BAAR) within the extension of the Julio A. Roca park and take advantage of the ten preexisting soccer fields that can be currently found there.

This center will serve as an incubator for young national athletes who have demonstrated their talent in soccer but have had difficulty balancing their professional careers with their studies and personal life.


The Jury will be formed by:

President of the jury: Clorindo Testa

Architect: Alejandro Vaca Bononato

Architect: Hernán Maldonado

Architect and Urban Planner: Alberto Varas

Architect - Director of Infrastructure of the Department of Sport of Buenos Aires: Beatriz Lagrutta

Buenos Aires High Performance


5000 Euros in Chash

Publication of the project in the Future Arquitecturas, WA+wettbewerbeaktuell, SUMMA+ and 90+10 +

1 year of subscription to a magazine of your choice: FRAME/MARK/ELEPHANT, Domus, Architectural Review, Architectural Record, Arquitectura Viva, Arquine, Detail, Future arquitecturas +

Exhibition at the Architecture University of Barcelona (ETSAB).

Publications in several blogs and architecture website.


May 15th 2012 — Registration period begins

September 30th 2012 — Submision deadline


You will be able to find more information including the complete rules of the contest, pictures of the site, etc. by following the link below: en.archmedium.com

and you can also download the poster of this event and other graphic material here: archmedium.com/Mailing/BAAR_Graphics.zip

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