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New Formalism

"New Formalism" exhibition / 12 July — 1 August 2010 see also : Новый Формализм РУ
Exhibition Flyer (PDF)
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You are invited until the 1st of August 2010 at the new exhibition hall of the Museum of Urban Sculpture for the exhibition: New Formalism (Museum of Urban Sculpture - St. Petersburg - 12 July / 1 August 2010)

The concept of the exhibition project "New Formalism" is devoted to the interaction between art and the urban environment. Contemporary art is almost at the position of subculture and practically does not work with the urban space.

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Why contemporary art is losing its way on city streets and is practically at the position of subculture in galleries and contemporary art centers? This exhibition is a kind of experiment and evaluation of the potency of modern artists in the urban space.

Exhibition of modern artists, sculptors and architects commissioned to create projects for St. Petersburg.

Sculptors are exhibiting their projects of urban sculptures for the tourist and not for "dormitory areas" of St. Petersburg. Each of them took this task in his own way. Rostand Tavasiev proposes a project for the Upper Lake Suzdal. Dmitry Kavarga, mindful of the fact that St. Petersburg is located in the swamps of Sculpture offers a model reminiscent of drilling rigs, which according to him "the sort of one that pulls out the cork, uncorking the swampy muck laying under the city, at the same time reaches geological, anthropological and cultural core, which layers contain all the information of this place". Art Professors prompts you to install a backwater Utkyne sculpture "drake", reminiscent of a toy from the child constructor. Roman Suakin, creating a moving sculpture with a changing shape, provides for new urban areas this "self-controlled sculpture", which may vary depending on the season or festivals. Ksenia Sorokina, traded his own works to stylistic foundations of Soviet sculptures, the proposed project for the metro station "Lomonosov". Konstantin Novikov has critical sculptural series "Grey mass" for residents of the crowded metropolis. Alex Schwark created a model of sculpture that can be easily transformed into an architectural model building (with access to a greenhouse). Dmitri Teselkin found that St. Petersburg lacks a monumental brain and offers to install it in front of the Brain Institute (st. Akademika Pavlova 9). Cyril Shamans works more with media than with the shape and texture when preparing a special project Reinovatsiya, he believes that before installing the new sculpture one should take care of the forgotten, many surviving Soviet sculpture and decorative concrete.

Grass City futuristic project Grass City — architect: Simon Rastorguev, sculptor: Vlad Kulkov

Architects were invited to work in the field of utopian ideas and build an abstract urban landscape, taking as its starting point the draft proposed by the sculptor. Thus, the architects have not been restrained by utilitarian tasks or problems (such as altitude limit or restriction on the area), remaining only in the "territory of art".


• Sculptors: Pprofessors, Milk and Vodka (Stas Baggs), Rostan Tavasiev, Dmitry Kavarga, Roman Suakin, Konstantin Novikov, Kirill Shamanov, Vlad Kulkov, Dmitry Teselkin, Ksenia Sorokina, Alexey Schwarkov

• Architects: Alexander Strugach, Alexey Levchuk, Simon Rastorguev, Milk Factory, Ekaterina Zvereva, Alexander Astashov, Marina Kuznetskaya, Julia Napolova, Elena Sukhinina, Megabudka, Matvey Verhov, Leonid Ostrovsky, Cyril Shishkin.

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