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Recent future, near space. Stream City surrounds the Earth like a ring, remains fixed while the planet rotates about its axis.
- The city is situated at an altitude of about 100 km and has a rotation rate almost over 1,700 km/h above the equator. That allows to compensate the Earth's rotation speed in the Stream City.
- there is always a fixed time of the day in different parts of the city: a day in one part and a night in the other where you can enjoy the view of sunset all the time. In the day side you can see energy systems, solar panels and greenhouses that feed the entire city. The night side will provide space for laboratories, high-tech industries - creative campuses.
- The city plays a role of universal vehicle. You can arrive here by elevators and shuttles straight from the Earth, and staying inside, less than in one day appear to be anywhere on the equator.

Time (philosophy component of the project)

The population of the Earth is familiar with usual 24-hours cycle of timing. This is a norm, a stable society tradition. In this project we decided to divide the four space-times model of reality, we change time component, we replace time dimension with space dimension: the scale «t» in our case became the scale «x» - hours, minutes and seconds are laid out in space.

"My name is Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, I wake up at 6:00 am on February 7, 1880 and in one hour I must be in Bohr school, for that I have to run through the fields and forests, covered with huge amount of snow, on long distance wasting a lot of time". That situation is well knows by nowadays human, waste of time has already became inevitable price we pay every day in society.

A person who have reached the age of 90 see his live in his memory like a stack of papers. And no matter you're 30 or 90, those stacks look almost the same. This is a kind of a trick time mechanism and human's perception. But where does that clock tick?

Stream City: project was shortlisted in the International Architecture Competition held by the Foundation Jacques Rougerie, category: «Innovation and Architecture for Space» Award.





Video: Day-Evening-Night
Video: structure, transport
The preliminary concept

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