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What will occur with the level of the World Ocean in the future? Undoubtedly that level in the next decades will continue to rise. It is difficult to foresee, what rates of its growth will be. In this question, the opinion of the scientists differ greatly. But one thing is clear - the world is changing!
People shouldn't forget their roots: from where everything have begun, where everything have occurred, and how everything have ended. Therefore, each of us should remember, who we are, regardless of our future. Gradually the world will change, and the cities which are on the coast of oceans and the seas, will submerge under water. Among them are Venice, Amsterdam, Pisa, Kaliningrad, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg and many others. It would be very desirable to prolong them life. Of course, it will be hard to save the hole cities. But it is possible to save up the most valuable and important monuments of history of architecture.
Our favourite cities will submerge under water, and also our favourite streets, buildings, cafés, parks will leave. Everything, that we have ever loved, places where we lived. It would be desirable to keep a spirit of a place at least. What can we only make - is to keep a small drop of history in this ruthless dark blue Sea. It is very difficult to define and to choose the most valuable aspects, which have to be preserved. But I think, we will solve that problem.
As to those people who lived in these cities, the most of them will move on not flooded sites, deep into the continent. The earth remains the house for the human after all. Other part of people will live in the cities on water. The most remarkable that people can choose, in what climate they want to live, and also they can move across all World Ocean.


The main idea of the project is that all flooded cities of the world became museums, instead of passing into nothingness. Therefore, in each of them we want to keep monuments of history and to protect them from storming water elements. As a source for inspiration is the drop of water that forming a crown, at falling on a water smooth surface, which protects internal space served, but thus absolutely is in harmony with an environment.
We called the project "DROP IN THE OCEAN"

Drop in the ocean: project was mentioned by the Coup de Cœur Babel-Collectif in the International Architecture Competition held by the Foundation Jacques Rougerie, category: «Architecture et Problématique de la Montée du Niveau des Océans» Award.




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