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We assume that in system of moving arks, the existing systems of communication will not be able to work. To them multipurpose independent nanomechanisms will come to replacement. Production habitual to us, now in the form of large-scale objects we suggest to divide into the microscopic universal elements, which are carrying out functions of production and transportation of resources, information and energy.
We call it Autonomous Rechargeable Kinematical Swarm. (A.R.K.S.)
In developing the project we were inspired by a Song about a petrel by M.Gorky and St. Anthony's temptation painting by S.Dali.

High above the silvery ocean winds are gathering the storm-clouds, and between the clouds and ocean proudly wheels the Stormy Petrel, like a streak of sable lightning.
Now his wing the wave caresses, now he rises like an arrow, cleaving clouds and crying fiercely, while the clouds detect a rapture in the bird's courageous crying.



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Presentation of the project

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