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Inside the tower / vertical museum

Memory Collector have three main functions:

1. Utilitarian function: it provides communication between buildings in the flooded cities, filling them with life. It also connects the cities with each other.

2. Philosophical and ideological function: the persistence of memory / the genetic code of a civilization that was destroyed due to the global ecological cataclysm. Civilization, which preserves Memory is able to revive.

3. Optimization of civilization after the cataclysm — buildings, that do not have unique historical value, that contains no Memory are used by the system for the construction of itself and buildings for the storage of the Collections, valuable fragments of architecture and other things, among which people live.

This project represented the creation of a Collection of Memory for a flooded Venice. Former city channels are used for communication "branches". Part of the historic monuments that have been destroyed by water were evacuated and assembled into Collections, the vertical streets of Venice, where locals and tourists live.


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