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ASTEUS project. Analysis

It's no secret that our planet - a living organism, and our stay on it has disastrous effect on it
to prove that there is a list of global problems:

- the development gap between rich and poor countries, poverty, hunger and illiteracy
- catastrophic pollution;
- lack of resources, exhaustion of oil, natural gas, coal, fresh water, timber, non-ferrous metals;
- global warming
- asteroid hazard;
- demographic development
- rising unemployment
- acid rain; greenhouse effect;
- pollution of the seas and oceans
- air pollution
- natural disasters

These problems concern the whole of humanity, affecting the interests and destiny of all countries, peoples and social strata, as they lead to significant economic and social costs in the event of an exacerbation may threaten the very existence of human civilisation and can be resolved only with the cooperation in planetary scale.
This project was designed to solve a number of these problems.
Of course, we understand that to solve fully all of them is impossible, but we tried our best.
So, Asteus a multifunctional complex, able to grow and develop as a living organism due to the special structure of its buildings.
 it is simple and versatile, able to adapt to the environment, transform, and solve a number of problems.

search for solutions
"From the simple to the complex"
We faced a difficult task, or rather a multitude of tasks, so each of them , we have studied and tried to find a solution in our project Asteus - has 4 stages of development, each of which brings the complex to the final version, to achieve it complex will have all the feature set of a small town  

list of characteristics in stage 4
- new living space
- workplaces
- the development of science in different directions
- green space / greenhouse
- leisure center for the inhabitants of the station
- community center
- training and research centers
- separate production of water and oxygen
- two Multiply Hadron Collider system processing and production of the industrial zone
- Generator / laboratory / warehouse / engine compartment / cooling and stabilization for a variety systems of the station
- transport node
- protection the inhabitants on external factors
- production resources / construction materials and supply them to Earth


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