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ASTEUS project. solution

collect and process all the information we came to this decision
1 — tower communication / control center
necessary for complex option to communicate with the Earth and similar complexes
2 — residential units
Each residential unit is equipped with a back-up power systems and life support system - drive in case of emergency cases this module can save people. As each of these modules movable - they joined to the main tower by means of a system of locks, and at any moment can change location - this option is required for the increase scope of station
2 — working environment
contains many divisions as diverse work, also includes the necessary equipment
3 — leisure / orangery
one of the largest and most important parts of Asteus - here are the training centers, all kinds of leisure activities for people, as well as a greenhouse for growing fresh food and to relax
4 — Control Centre of the Reserve System and the stabilization of the complex
Asteus contains 2 energy source, this unit controls their work and distributes the entire power generated on the Asteus's needs
5 — generation of oxygen and water / desorption and absorption units
Primary life support system - it is here that produces water and oxygen to the entire complex
6 — shield
Use Multiply Hadron Collider will inevitably cause the radiation to eliminate its impact on people and equipment complex has two powerful absorbing shield
7 — Multiply Hadron Collider
Power supply is made possible by a system of two MHC, producing fuel from antimatter. The capacity of the fuel will be sufficient to maintain the viability of the station for a long time. Number of MHC due to multitasking station - one for maintenance of the residential part, another - the industrial area, and for the emergency cases.
8 — gateway
9 — laboratories and management of industrial zone
Science and Technology Laboratory, the industrial zone management center
10 — processing of the industrial zone
here comes processing of asteroid rock and mining of metals and minerals
11 — Production zone
This area is fully equipped with the necessary machinery for production of construction materials for the station and raw materials to send them back to Earth
12 — generator / laboratory
to ensure the smooth operation of the industrial complex, also to study the asteroid's rocks
13 — warehouse / machine rooms / Technical Department Here are all machinery, equipment, utility rooms, as well as the transport block 14 transport platforms for loading and unloading of rock, materials, equipment
14 — transport platforms
for loading and unloading of rock, materials, equipment


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