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ASTEUS project. the initial launch

Stage 1
At this stage, the complex has the lowest weight -for easy starting from the Earth
It contains:
1 minimum required residential unit
2 life-support system
3 MHC - Multiply Hadron Collider
4 part of the industrial zone and the necessary equipment for the processing of asteroid rock
at the stage of the initial launch of the station beyond the orbit of the Earth in search of a suitable asteroid
Information for the station comes from satellites, that analyze asteroids and transmit information about their composition on Asteus
Once a suitable composition for the processing of an asteroid is found, the station will embed in the asteroid by
a) the speed of movement of the asteroid and station
b) station wedges

Stage 2
so, station embedded in the asteroid by wedges, asteroid fragments held by the source of magnetic radiation which are situated into wedges and additional mechanical fastening system.
as the asteroid rock that will be processed contains a large amount of metal, a powerful magnetic field to hold them in the desired position, also there is special system - fixing reinforcement cables and clamps, as soon as the asteroid fragments will take to develop a convenient location – begins the delve of asteroid rock for the further construction of new units

Stage 3
for further development of the wedges are equipped with telescopic pistons able to push the asteroid fragments to the required distance and continue to work on the development of the breed and expand the station.
all waste rock is processed in the industrial area, it goes through several processing of degrees, melting and molding and then sent to the detuning of new modules for the further settlement of the people, or is transported to Earth as resources such as metals, minerals, raw materials for construction etc.


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