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ASTEUS project. final version of the complex

Stage 4 - the final version of the complex has all the feature set of a small town:
we tried to take into account all the needs of residents of Asteus because the station is planned for long-term, as such a decision is economically profitable and self-sufficient in a relatively short time - through the use of external resources, elaborate life-support system, power supply, production of building composites as well as the security of the population station
station has a number of features that distinguish it from others:

1) use the MHC to produce energy in comparison with the solar panels, which are at a disadvantage in terms of the complexity of the installation, repair and maintenance
2) mobile residential units
station will inevitably grow and expand,mobility of these modules incorporated purposely
First, it raises the security level of the station, as on the main neutron people, and secondly it is much more convenient stationary housing units in terms of repair or also they can become a solution in emergency situations
3) Industrial Zone
One of the important parts Asteus is where the material is produced for the development of station - not required supplies from Earth or other labor - Asteus takes resources directly from asteroid
4) Gateway
This gateway performs several functions - for further development of the station ,namely it’s living particles - i.e. the colonization of other planets and a second is the emergency function.


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