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ASTEUS project. technical solutions

Power supply is made possible by a system of two MHC, producing fuel from antimatter.
The reaction of 1 kg of antimatter and 1 kg of the substance is highlighted about 1.8 × 1017 joules of energy, equivalent to the energy released in the explosion 42,96 megatonn trotyl - such capacity will be sufficient for the vast complex Asteus. You need sophisticated equipment to create material - cooled cloud contains about 30 thousand antiprotons, to a temperature of 200 degrees Kelvin (minus 73.15 degrees Celsius), and a cloud of positrons 2 million to a temperature of 40 degrees Kelvin (minus 233.15 degrees Celsius) in a Penning trap, in a combination with Ioffe -Pitchard’s trap, therefore Collider was modified and finalized, added the necessary traps for antimatter , and reduced the size of the collider to embed it in Asteus. The power generated by the system MHC two will be sufficient to maintain the viability of the station for a long time.
Number of MHC due to multitasking station - one for maintenance of the residential part of the station, to the second industrial area, and just as a reserve and emergency cases.
So exactly mhc create artificial gravity, we decided to leave the decision of creating gravity by means of rotation of the station since we would have to make modules of 450 meters in diameter, and rotate it with a speed of 1 revolution per 30 seconds, for the quantity of people that we had planned to occupy the station, this solution is not suitable.

Today, almost 50 years ago, to create artificial gravity centrifuge used (uses centrifugal force during the rotation of space systems). Simply put in the rotation space station on its axis centrifugal acceleration will occur, which will "push" people from the center of rotation to the side and as a result astronaut or other objects will be located on the "floor".

look at the formula for which is determined by the centrifugal force during rotation of the centrifuge:
F = m * v2 * r, where m - mass, v - linear velocity, r - distance from the center of rotation.
Linear speed is: v = 2π * rT, where T - the number of revolutions per second , π ≈3,14.. .
It is also worth noting that MHC produce not only energy, but also provide a powerful magnetic radiation, this radiation will be a shield for the station from meteor showers and aggressive environment
This process will take place in 2 stages, arranged around the perimeter of Asteus generators that produce:

1) - discharged layer of atmosphere - it reduces the speed of the debris , and charges any object caught in it, for example, a positive charge.

2) the magnetic field which creates MHC, charged the same - positive As a result, passing 1 - fragments layer reduces the rate and receives a charge, and up to 2 layer will not come, because, it pushes off due to the similarly charged objects.


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