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ASTEUS project. life supporting system

production of water and air are used in several stages -
cleaning up system, desalination, compressors, pressure regulators, also liquid and gas supply system involved in this block ring systems of desorption and absorption columns.

Desorption system is aimed at cleaning up the air masses from pollution - it goes in cycles, to avoid any possibility of contact with harmful impurities
The absorption system cleans air mass through selective absorption of the individual components of the liquid absorbent, another necessary degree of cleaning up oxygen before entering the station.

The water supply system is divided into 2 particles supply of drinking water and industrial water supply (can be used as mechanisms for cooling in industrial facilities), in units of special importance (residential, community center, a greenhouse) is available with redundant drives and air - water in case of failure of the main source of supply of life-support systems

greenhouses / green areas
from the point of view of psychology, sustainable mental and emotional state of a person is necessary environment close to Earth.
Such an environment we have created on the Asteus It is notable that both recreational and green centers are adjacent, there is no clear separation between the two functions
- which creates a more comfortable environment for both work and leisure.


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