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ASTEUS project. lleisure and work environment

working environment
It comprises a plurality of divisions, as the work on asteus directed to a plurality of sectors
the station requires a large staff of scientists, laboratory technicians, biologists, chemists, agronomists, machine operators, mechanics, engineers, etc.
for all of them in the complex are equipped with their work spaces
in the development process, we take into account their location, to enhance your stay in the comfortable environment Asteus, also how to better use the space of the station.

leisure / greenhouses
one of the largest and most important parts of Asteus - here are the educational, sporting, entertainment venues, as represented by all kinds of leisure activities for people - support comfortable environment close to Earth is very important, so this unit is one of the largest in Asteus
we provide a greenhouse for growing fresh food and rest stations inhabitants - this option is required to maintain both physical and mental health condition of the body of any person


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