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ASTEUS project. Industrial Zone

Industrial Zone the most technically complex and abundant part Asteus
in its composition:
laboratory and industrial zone management, the processing of the industrial zone, industrial part - generator - storage / machine rooms / technical department, the cooling system also the transport block.
here comes processing of asteroid rock and mining of metals and minerals, this area is equipped with the necessary machinery for production of construction materials and raw materials for the station to send them back to Earth.

to ensure the smooth operation of the industrial complex, also for the study of asteroid rocks provided back-up generators and a system equipped with a laboratory. driving and supplying raw materials for processing strength is situated in powerful wedges

Thus, each of the wedge is equipped with a piston system - at both ends of which we have laid ball joint - thus wedges are easily manageable and maximally adapt to the needs of the station, so they can be moved apart at the required distance, thus giving room for further development Asteus
wedges are equipped with processing rocks, fragments mounting system, magnetic system fragments capture, also additional laboratory and technical departments

we assume the transportation of processed rocks on Earth with the help of transport node solve the problem of the depletion of our planet's resources

two cycles of his work planned in the development Asteus
as soon as the asteroid resource will be exhausted to the limit - the base can:

a) go to another asteroid
In this case, the station releases fixation of the fragments of the asteroid, collect wedges and can easily move to the next asteroid and continue supplying the Earth with resources or begin to build similar stations

b) to colonize other planets - in this case industrial complex is disconnected from the housing via a gateway, and will orbit another planet, where it will continue its activities in the processing of rock and will send it to a new planet, which can build up and settle by humans


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ASTEUS project was shortlisted in "Innovation and Architecture for Space" Award, Jacques Rougerie competition

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