Центр Исследования Хаосажурнал Nomadic city
Simon Rastorguev, Mikhail Kudryashov, Artem Ter-Stepanyan, Ilya Aladov

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While exploring the planet and extracting resources there is no need to develop colonies, to adapt to its atmosphere and waste all this time and energy. The city is ready for the settlement of the colonizers. After the attachment to the planet, the «Dust» is thrown, it explores, builds and produces. Thus, the city may attach itself to the planet, leaving Dust, energy source and a starter supply of resources there. The Dust will do all by itself and will wait for the city to return with already prepared ground or just for picking up the mined minerals, while the city is flying to other planets.

During the flight, the city is expanding with new cities, using the obtained resources. Then children cities are separated, creating their sails and flying to other planets.
This is the philosophical concept of nomadic life without a planet base.


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