Центр Исследования Хаосажурнал Nomadic city
Simon Rastorguev, Mikhail Kudryashov, Artem Ter-Stepanyan, Ilya Aladov

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Nomadic city – Sketch of the city ⇑

The City

This is a very long and thin structure, designed to fly long distances in space — interplanetary and interstellar. Exists in 2 forms — flight mode and landing /attaching to the planet mode. The length of the city depends on the fact that when landing its center of mass must be from the planet, at a distance greater than its (geo)stationary orbit. Due to this, the city will hold above the planet's surface, without exerting pressure upon her. The weight of the center of mass exceeds the weight of the rest of the city. The city is also equipped with solar (or stellar) sail. Due to its huge square, sail will be fast enough to give the city a significant speed. Initial acceleration is achieved due to the energy of the photons of the sun, then the braking is made due to the oncoming light of the stars, to which the city flies.


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  Sketch of the Nomadic city