Центр Исследования Хаосажурнал Nomadic city
Simon Rastorguev, Mikhail Kudryashov, Artem Ter-Stepanyan, Ilya Aladov

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Nomadic city – Sketch of the landing © Ira Smirnova ⇑


The dust consists from master dust — nanorobots capable of printing (3D printing), their exact copies and normal work dust. Master dust can reproduce itself and create work dust till the exhaustion of energy or resources or until the special order is made. Work dust consumes the resources provided to it, moves with them, and then builds (prints) the necessary facilities using the resources.
While the extraction of resources is made, the consuming function remains, and the construction function is replaced by warehousing. Dust creates a strong, but removable structure from a wide range of materials. This structure is achieved as in the principle of a puzzle, three-dimensional blocks are attached to each other with special fasteners, which themselves are the building dust. Fasteners firmly hold the blocks among themselves, but with it is also easy to dismantle them. The size of the Master dust is approximately 1 mm, and for work dust — 0.3 mm. Dimensions of produced blocks are comparable. Dust can only function within range of the energy emitter (microwave, high-energy radio waves). This allows you to make the design more compact (no battery). This is also done for security purposes in order to avoid spontaneous growth in their numbers exponentially due to an error or hack.


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