Центр Исследования Хаосажурнал Nomadic city
Simon Rastorguev, Mikhail Kudryashov, Artem Ter-Stepanyan, Ilya Aladov

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Nomadic city – Conceptual sketch © Ira Smirnova ⇑

Dust carries significant philosophical aspect even outside of this project of planet colonization. Holistic stationary objects, from ballpoint pen to the building are disappearing. All of this becomes removable and portable. Any object can be created and dismantled if it becomes unnecessary. And it all happens within minutes.
The importance of resources from which the objects are made, the energy, the dust and the project of construction for each subject remains. The dust itself are the building blocks in a dormant. At a certain signal they start moving, in a blink a spoon turns into a fork, a couple of chairs into a table, etc. These transformations will occur in seconds.


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