Центр Исследования Хаосажурнал Nomadic city
Simon Rastorguev, Mikhail Kudryashov, Artem Ter-Stepanyan, Ilya Aladov

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Nomadic city – Conceptual sketch © Ira Smirnova ⇑

The lifestyle will change on a global scale, the buildings in the cities will become mobile, and even more: fluid, flowing into each other. The need of cities and transport will be revised, as there will be no restrictions associated with the property. For example, anywhere in the forest or in the field within minutes there is a house (or what they considered at the time), or multiple houses will merge into one and appear in the office.
Meaningful for this world are only the energy, distances and ideas — projects of constructions for each subjects and, in addition, Dust. This is a fundamentally new approach to the material world, it needs to be comprehended philosophically, literary and figuratively.
Therefore, in this project of mobile space settlement we only unveiled a little of this vast subject, leaving it for further thinking and development.


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