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Storage of sunlight is carried out in several ways:
- Electromagnetic-induced transparency (EIT) technique - using semiconductor crystals with controlled transparency to capture light inside the atoms of a crystal substance. *
- Condensation of photons due to quantum effects in the dye - by analogy with the Bose-Einstein condensate. (The first application of technology is in the experiment “Super-Photon” of a group of scientists at Universität Bonn in 2010) **
- The accumulation of light in nano-tanks. The atomic lattice of their walls has no defects on a small area, which ensures a reflection coefficient close to unity.
- Creation of long chains of re-radiation of light between layers of matter. By analogy with the mechanism of transfer of light quanta inside the Sun, where the photon's motion from the nucleus to the surface takes an average of 170 thousand years. This mechanism is supposed to be implemented at lower temperatures due to the use of numerous semiconductor layers. ***

* Light stopped completely for a minute inside a crystal http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/162289-light-stopped-completely-for-a-minute-inside-a-crystal-the-basis-of-quantum-memory
** „Super-Photon“  https://www.uni-bonn.de/neues/305-2010
*** The 8-minute travel time to Earth by sunlight hides a thousand-year journey that actually began in the core.https://sunearthday.nasa.gov/2007/locations/ttt_sunlight.php


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