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BOROVOE-BIOCITY / project analysis

  Modern technology allow to create huge indoor recreation areas. This project involves the use of innovate building technologies: constructions of musculo-air, metal-frame dome structures with the use of composite materials: cellular polycarbonate, a particularly strong threads and ropes, sections, etc. At the same time, these structures are equipped with environmentally friendly and energy-efficient life-support systems.
BioCity prospect
The life of people in existing towns in the context of global climate change and rising tension of information becomes unsustainable and takes itself a lot of inner energy of man.
The man wants privacy, change surrounding panorama and to find creative interest in the future. At the same time, the state of modern building technology, the development of information systems allows for the creation of a new environment and human habitat where people can escape and relax, being not torn from their work for a long time.
BioCity prospect 2
The city territory covered with sun-transparent dome structures with manageable internal climate. Energy of the city will be carried out and accumulate mainly at the expense of regeneration and recycling of used resources and technical household waste, groundwater heat, solar energy.
BioCity prospect 3
Economic calculation has been made by the Committee tourism industry of Kazakhstan. It was given a favourable opinion on the feasibility of construction of the BioCity.
Some details: "The construction of such a city may take place in several stages and expanded as the emergence of a new features in the entertainment industry. The first step: organizing sports entertainment and gambling - 15% of investments. The entire project could cost more than 1 billion euro. Government of Kazakhstan has set up the zones for the satellite cities near the capital of Astana. Borovoye-BioCity project falls in the north-eastern zone. It is 80 km away from Astana route Astana - Pavlodar. This site include the forest, the river, not far - railway and the highway. Energy trail LEP-500 from Ekibastuz passes through the area. The city is about 50-60 thousand people. Residential area may reserve at 500 - 600 hectares ."
BioCity prospect 4
The project means an innovative aesthetics: the city as the living organism. In this case it is fully functionally justified because we want to create the mild climate inside the city. (Climate of the Kazakhstan is sharply continental, and day and night temperatures can differ by 20-30 degrees). And on the other side, we want to create a vivid image of the city attractive to tourists, and it demonstrates how the architecture of the future should look like.

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