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Dreams and Visions: Bio-City

→ Проект "Био-Сити" очередной раз опубликован в итальянском архитектурном журнале
"l'Arca Plus" #53 июнь 2007 (теперь и на обложке)

Introduction: Dreams and Visions
The visionary, dream-like nature of creativity is generally most easily associated (by definition) with art, but there
is certainly no lack of examples of dreams and visions in other fields ranging from philosophy to politics. Indeed
Voltaire noted sarcastically that "whichever system you opt for....you have to admit that all your ideas come to you
while your are asleep, without your contribution, indeed despite yourself". Architecture is no exception in this
respect. And, after all, why should it be? It can boast indisputable rights to dream: any plan implicitly involves
projecting your imagination into a future which can only be imagined, although the present can give us an idea of
what it will be like, how it will be structured and configured.
Nevertheless, we need to make certain distinctions. The artist`s dreams are purely aesthetic in nature, while the
philosopher`s and politician`s are basically ethical. Forms dominate the former, whereas social relations are to the
fore in the latter. It remains to be seen what the architect`s dreams are like, since his work wavers constantly
between these two contiguous and correlated yet separate realms...

l'Arca Plus

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