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20 anniversary of the

  «Создали две любви, два Града:
Град земной – любовь к себе до
презрения к Богу, и Град же небесный – любовь к Богу до презрения к себе».
Блаженный Августин. "О Граде Божьем"

To the 90 anniversary of the Yaroslavl Art museum and to the 20 anniversary of the "Architecture" department YaSTU

The project: «two Cities / two Towns» (invariants)

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события проекта / project events

  «You see the world in black and white
No colour or light…»
«You see the world in black and white
Not painted right..»
Chris Martin «Low»

Yaroslavl Art museum


Exhibition theme: Sensation, feeling, perception of a city
Exhibition format: Photograph and architecture (Models, the architectural drawing,
visualisation, videoart, installation)

Requirements to given works: primary colours of an exposition – black and white
Photograph – the image black-and-white, the size – not less 30х40 sm (or 40х40 sm), technics of shooting and execution – any
Architectural models – from any materials of white colour, the size no more 30х40 sm
The Drawing – black-and-white, technics of execution - any, should not exceed the size 30х40 sm
Computer visualisation (architectural sketches) – the monochrome image of environment, the decision of object without use of structures of materials (in white colour), as certain conception, idea of forming, without working out of lay-out.
Videoart – the monochrome image is desirable
Installation – use of any materials, colour score - monochrome.


The project aim: To try to define concept of "city" out of time and territorial borders. Cities – as abstract concept, with a certain semantic and figurative loading.

Idea of the project:
How often we reflect, what such "city", what it means for us? City is always, something more, than simply geographically certain settlement, than a way of the town-planning organisation of space.
City – is our sensations, thoughts, feelings which intertwine in invisible space and form that single whole, that general emotional and spiritual background in which we live.
In spiritual and non-material aspect, the city is a certain sign, a symbol, which in itself too is a place of creation and functioning by this-oxen, senses and ideas.

«In a city there is a concentration of space, time, energy, human weights and forces. How the city and what is necessary is possible that the city made sense?
Each of us will try to answer these questions in own way.» 1

We will try to consider concept of "city" from two parties: perception of a real city and sensation of a city in itself (as state of mind, as dreams, associations).

Two loves, two arts: a photo - as reflexion of the world and architecture – as transmission medium of internal emotions, impressions and associations (displaying from within outside).
Two colours - black, being set of all colours and white – absolute light and cleanliness and a colour total absence...

1 Stanislav Gurin "City. Province"

The project purposes:
— Overcoming of cultural barriers and integration of the modern art by a mas-owl of an audience;
— Creation of space of discussions and cultural exchanges;
— Support of the young artists alternative and innovative cultures of the statements, opinion in public space.


Exhibition opening roughly: on December, 4th 2009
Works are accepted till November, 25th 2009
To the address: 150000, Yaroslavl, the Volga quay, 23
The project: «two Cities / two Towns» (invariants)
The curator:
Natalia Homutova (architect)
e.mail: homa2000@hotbox.ru
The coordinator:
Olja Volkova (scientific employee of museum)
+7 4852 72-91-35
e.mail: olga_volkova_@mail.ru

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